We provide professional car grooming services that include restoring old paintwork to its former lustre and maintaining the shine of new cars. There are different types of service to suit your needs, ranging from:
We have single grooming service as well membership packages to suit different needs. All our membership packages are transferable when you change cars, with the Family Package having no restriction to use on any cars and with no expiration dates.

The Single Grooming is suitable for car owners who just want to groom their car only on an ad hoc basis without any future commitments.

The Membership Package allows members to book in advance for an avilable slot and at a more favourable rate to groom their cars regularly.

While the Family Package gives members the leeway of alternating between cars to groom and without any time pressure to finish within a fixed time frame. This package is especially suitable for car owners who have more than one car and may choose to groom their car as and when they have the need at a favourable rate.